Take a refreshing trip throughout these last 
10’000 years of History about wisdom!

L. Ron Hubbard tells you about the History of wisdom. What role played the Vedas, Buddha, Jesus Christ, the Book of Hiob, Marco Polo, Laotse and other past extinct civilizations?

How wisdom finally came to us and how it is impossible to skip wisdom if we dream of a true civilization that is fueled by sane ideas and thinking. Force – especially the atomic bomb, other wars equipment despite how advanced technology it contains – is barbarism, it is neither part of wisdom nor of a true civilization.

Listen to these lectures and become
part of a New Civilization.

(Despite the German title, the lectures are in English
with English & German transcript)

Scientology, its General Background – 1

Lecture given by L. Ron Hubbard – 19. July 1954 – 29:46

Scientology, its General Background – 2

Lecture given by L. Ron Hubbard – 19. July 1954 – 30:45

Scientology, its General Background – 3

Lecture given by L. Ron Hubbard – 19. July 1954 – 30:24

Introduction to Dianetics

Lecture given by L. Ron Hubbard – 23. September 1950 – 55.08

That is science, an organized body of knowledge. It doesn’t have variables in it. In Dianetics, what we do know doesn’t have variables. Therefore we can call it quite legitimately a science. Then I believe you will agree, that the people are not as healthy as they might be. We have such things as the common cold. We have arthritis, bursitis. Everywhere we look, we see glasses on people’s nose. The current level of health in this society is not what you might call optimum. And it is at this stage of attack against aberration that we find our main objective to be mental and physical health. I merely wish to bring to your attention, however, that this is not the end product of Dianetics.

What is Judgment?

Excerpt of the lecture “Judgment” by L. Ron Hubbard; given the 12. November 1959 – 06:40

You will listen to L. Ron Hubbard in English and can read in English or German

“In the absence of judgment, you have to have all kinds of laws. And you can just put it down in your book that the more laws there are, the less judgment there is. Judgement is the factor which has to be substituted for law. And a Man can be as free as his judgment is rehabilitated. In living a free life there is one thing that you give up…”


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